Marketing Information

ZIPPER BAGS – They’re not just for money! Custom made to fit your customer’s needs; they are our most versatile product.  Key rings, snap hooks, and carabineers may be added to any of our zipper bags. 


PORTFOLIOS – This is one of our most popular items and its uses are endless.  It’s a great organization tool.  Standard sizes available or customize the size to fit the need.


SELF CONTAINED LOCK BAGS – When high security is a must, our wide variety of bags with locks will meet the needs.  Our standard sizes range from 10” x 7” up to 24” x 20” x 10” or we can make the bag to fit the specific situation.


NEWSPAPER CARRIER BAGS – Designed specifically for newspaper communication, these versatile bags can be over the shoulder style or over the head style

TRANSIT SACKS – Both gusseted and non-gusseted styles are perfect inter-office courier bags.  They are more economical then paper envelopes and can be used over and over again.


REGAL DRAWSTRING BAGS – These bags contain a double drawstring and are great for promotions. 


MEMORIAL PRODUCTS - One of the biggest markets around, funeral homes & crematories are a great source for sales.


GOLF PRODUCTS – In addition to golf outings, our flags, shoe bags and accessory bags can be used for many different promotions.


SPORTS BAGS – When you only need a small quantity of special event bags, we can make as few as a dozen.


TOTE BAGS – While imports are less expensive, our minimum is fifty pieces and can be customized to fit your needs.  Our cloth bags can be used over and over, not thrown away.


SPECIALTY BAGS – All of our products are American made custom items so we can design and quote on almost any cloth bag.